How to Ship a Non-Running Car – 4 Easy (And Affordable) Tips

If you’ve ever tried shipping a car that, you know it’s not easy, and if it’s a non-running car, then its a whole new hassle. In fact, it can be pretty expensive and time-consuming, and you may not even be able to find a company that will do it for cheap.  Useful Site

But don’t worry! In this article, we’ll show you 5 easy (and affordable) steps that will help you ship a non-running car without any trouble. So whether you’re shipping a car to your friend down the street or moving it to a new house, these steps will get the job done!

  1. Hire a Company WithCarriers Having Hydraulic Ramps

Make sure to go for the car shipping companies with special trailers and hydraulic ramps. This is because non-operational cars cannot be driven up on the car, and that can make it very difficult to load them if the trailer doesn’t have a hydraulic ramp.

So having a ramp that can be lifted up and down means you don’t have to worry about loading and unloading your vehicle. They will just hook up the car and pull it up.

  1. Hire a Forklift If The Trailer Has No Hydraulic Ramps:

If your trailer has no hydraulic ramps, you might need to hire a forklift to load the car into the trailer. A forklift can lift up a car and load it into a trailer.

We don’t want you to leave it up to the shipping company to get a Forklift for you because they may overcharge you for this, while you can get a forklift on rent for cheaper.

The typical cost for renting a forklift is $110 to $160 a day, and you can easily rent and use it to load the car the same day, so you don’t have to pay for the second day.

  1. Repair and Ship If You Can:

Shipping a non-running car has a few caveats. First, finding a trailer with a winch to pull the car up takes time. Secondly, the cost to ship a non-operational vehicle is $100 higher than the standard car transport.

Plus, you may have t pay $100 to $200 for forklift rental. So the waiting and the extra cost are not worth the hassle if the car has minor problems that can be fixed quickly to make it operational. This way, you can have it fixed and then shipped as a standard vehicle for less cost.

  1. Consider Towing for Short Distances:

If the transport distance is short, like under 100-200 kms, then you might be better off with a towing service because it costs less than shipping your vehicle.

Plus, it’s faster as only your vehicle is being towed with a faster-pulling truck.

Final Words:

So if you are looking for a cheap and fast car transport service, ask yourself whether or not hiring a car shipping service is even required or if you can just have your vehicle towed.

If you do need to hire an auto transport company, make sure to go with someone having a trailer with winches and hydraulic ramps. Otherwise, hire the forklift on your own and not rely on the transport to save money.

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